Common Questions

Do you service cities outside of Houston?

We certainly do! Check out our service area page for more information. We're happy to service as many cities as we can.

When do you stop providing service?

We provide service all throughout the night and morning, so have no worries if you're looking to party until the sun rises.

Can we bring drinks on board?

You can certainly bring drinks on board if you happen to have a group that's comprised of people who are all 21 and older.

Our friends smoke a lot. Are they able to smoke cigarettes on your vehicles?

We don't allow for smoking of any kind to occur on our vehicles, thank you for your consideration.

What kind of events do clients use your vehicles for?

Our clients regularly use our vehicles for sporting events, concerts, proms and homecomings, weddings, fundraisers, winery and brewery tours, and much more.

We want to know what types of features come with your vehicles.

Our vehicles come with a host of vehicles! With amenities that include ice filled bar areas, hardwood flooring, chrome dancing poles, tinted windows, neon lighting, comfortable leather seating, and much more.